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Okay, so you can get loads of Monty Python info on the World Wide Web. However there are a few alternative resources you can use - to get info, or just to meet other Python fans.
Online Forums
PythOnline forum

Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site Forums

Pythonland - Yes, it's BACK!!!

The Python Academy
Edno zżarło środu: Monty Python, czyli spot the looney! (Polish Monty Python forum)
Before clicking on these, open Outlook Express or other e-mail programme. You may need to set up a news account first (ask your ISP).
PythonFan.com - the home of the alt.fan.monty-python newsgroup - contains the newsgroup FAQ
International newsgroups
japan.fan.comedy.monty-python - Japanese Monty Python Newsgroup  





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