You Know You're a Monty Python addict when...





You watch Monty Python at least once a month
You don’t need a TV and DVD player/ VCR to watch Monty Python
You know at least 10 Monty Python website addresses by heart
You know all the forms in which Monty Python has been released
You quote Monty Python at odd moments
You draw comparisons to MP in casual conversation.
You spend £10 for a magazine with an article containing stuff about MP that you knew anyway.

You know the names of all major cast members (not just the 6 members of the Python team) and what they're doing now.
You have a list of major bloopers and inside jokes in your head
You can’t walk past a can of Spam without smiling OR singing “Spam, lovely Spam”, OR both
You think John Phillip Sousa is the greatest composer who ever lived.
You wonder why the Liberty Bell never makes it into any of those "Classical Collections".
Your internet handle or signature refers to Monty Python.
Your friends regularly quiz you on Monty Python factoids
You know all the words to every Python song in existence INCLUDING the ones from Spamalot.
For the sake of completeness you also know the words to every other song written by Eric Idle AND Neil Innes
You are reading this list for ideas.
You find yourself discussing characters from the series and movies as if they were actually old friends of yours.
You have a pet named after a Python character.
You are going to name your first child after a Python character.
A Monty Python sound file plays on your computer when it starts and closes.
When you get in trouble your parents know that the only effective method of punishment is to take away your privilege to watch Monty Python.
You dream about Monty Python, both at night and during the day
When you read Monty Python scripts, you can see it happening in your head.



You can't quote a line from Monty Python without acting like the person who actually said it.
You refer to your mother/ sister/ ex-girlfriend/ mother-in-law as "”Mr Creosote."
A friend has threatened to hide your Python stuff to stop you talking about it.
5 things on this list apply to you.
You've ever made a telephone answering machine message pertaining to Monty Python.
You’ve made your own Monty Python web site.
You provoke other Python fans on the internet into trivia battles

You've ever called somebody "a whining hypocritical toady", an “empty-headed malodorous pervert” or any John Cleese insult
You can name more than 10 types of cheese.
You think this list has some good ideas for fun things to do
You've wondered what lemon curry actually tastes like.
When you panic, you shriek "Burma".
You've taken up permanent residence in a Monty Python online forum.
Your New Year's resolution is to do at least half of the things on this list.
You printed this list to share with your friends (or e-mailed it to them) so they can do the things on it as well.
You own the Monty Python series and films in every format it has been released in.
Someone asks you what you do for a living and you have the urge to say “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…”
You think there should be a Ministry of Silly Walks.
You've ever called anyone "a very naughty boy" in a screechy voice a la Terry Jones.
You develop a pathological fear of the word "it"
You want to visit Sweden to see its lovely fjords (and the majestic moose).
You know the correct Latin for "Romans Go Home" in its correct tense.
You've ever practiced not being seen.
A friend/ spouse/ partner reads this list, points at you and laughs at just how many are true.





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