Companies owned by The Very Big Corporation of America






This is a list of the companies listed on the wall of the Very Big Corporation of America:
Acme Construction Company Payne,The Very Big Corporation of America
Bickers & Dogood Ltd. Stn. Pendons Ltd.
V. Rich and Son
Doneys (Florence)
Mirage Land Co.
Arctic Geo. Lab. Co.
Liver Donors Inc.
World Wide Wine Corp.
Universal Amalgamations Ltd.
Consolidated Steel Co.
Micro Computer Inc.
Moonscape Products Ltd.
Rubber Goods Incorporated
D.Odgey Enterprises Ltd.
Money Factor Printers Ltd.
Better Plastics Corps.
D.Crepid Holdings
Super Big Ltd.
Space Propulsion Lab
Interstellar Travel Corp.
Dawking's Mining Co.
Lange and Sons (International)
Cooper's (Purveyors)
Dickinson Kincain Association
The All Enveloping Co. Ltd.
O. Verpaid Associates Ltd.
E. Normons & Sons
A. Maze and Lee
Huge Horace Mann & Yure Ltd.
R. Devious Inc.
Wakefeld & Daughter Vast Holdings (Europe) Ltd.
Phil Thevich Consortium
Fastness & Vast Co. Ltd
Star Bright Merchandise Org.
X. Tortion World Wide Ltd.
Cartwright Tutorials Black & White Picture Co. Ltd.
R. J. McArthur Parks Ltd.
Walker, Walker & Jones Bros.
Data Travel and Experiments
(list repeats)




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