Galaxy Song - the Biological Version
Written for the BBC series Wonders of Life  

Wonders of Life

Just remember you’re a tiny little person on a planet

In a universe expanding and immense

That life began evolving and dissolving and resolving

In the deep primordial oceans by the hydrothermal vents

Our earth which had its birth almost five billion years ago

From out of a collapsing cloud of gas

Grew life which was quite new

And eventually led to you

In only three point five billion years or less.


Deoxyribonucleic acid helps us replicate

And randomly mutate from day to day.

We left the seas and climbed the trees

And our biologies

Continued to evolve through DNA.

We’re 98.9 per cent the same as chimpanzees

Whose trees we left three million years ago

To wander swapping genes out of Africa which means

We’re related to everyone we know.

  Wonders of Life - Prof. Brian Cox and friend

Life is quite strange

Life is quite weird,

Life is really quite odd

Life from a star is far more bizarre,

Than an old bearded man they call God

So gaze at the sky, and start asking why

You’re even here on this ball

For though life is fraught

The odds are so short

You’re lucky to be here at all…


Standing on a planet which is spinning round a star

One of just a billion trillion suns

In a Universe that’s ninety billion light years side to side

Wondering where the heck it all came from.

You’ve a tiny little blink of life to try and understand

What on earth is really going on

In biology and chemistry

Which made you you and made me me

But don’t ask me I only wrote the song.


Lyrics by Eric Idle

Music by John Du Prez

(with a little fact checking from Professor Brian Cox)



Eric Idle writes about the genesis of this song on Nerdist






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