Act II Finale


Arthur: (spoken) Lady, will you marry me?


She shakes out her gown, turning it into a gorgeous wedding dress.


Lady: I thought you'd never ask.


Screen goes up to reveal a Las Vegas- style wedding chapel. Arthur and the Lady go through its doors.

The Girls enter in short Wedding Dresses.


Girls: We are not yet wed

And we're nearly at the end

It is time that we

Went and found a friend

Is there someone who

Can help us in out quest?

We're already dressed

Although we're not yet wed.


Enter the boys with top hats and tails.


Boys: We are not yet dead

That’s the best thing to be said

We are not yet dead

So we might as well get wed

Could it be much worse

Is marriage such a curse?

Might as well get married

‘Cos we are not yet wed


Boys and girls dance together, then into the wedding March.

Enter Lancelot and Herbert married.


Herbert: (spoken) So you see it’s all a show, happy ending and all

And that just makes me want to sing…


They all look for Herbert's father to come in and stop him singing, but nothing happens so Herbert sings...


Herbert: When you’re lost

On life’s trail

And you feel doomed to fail

Do not fail

Find Your Male

Find Your Male

That’s your Grail


Lance: (spoken) Just think Herbert, in a thousand years time this will still be controversial.


Enter Robin, suitably dressed in white tie and tails.


Robin: (spoken)

And I too have found my grail.


Ensemble: (spoken) What’s that?


Robin: (spoken) Musical Theatre!



You can sing

You can dance

And you won’t soil your pants

In your white tie and tail

Find your Grail

Find your Grail


Patsy and Bedevere enter with tambourines.


Ensemble: Hallelujah! A Broadway wedding! (UK Version: Hallelujah! A happy ending!)


Enter Arthur and Lady married. 


Arthur and Lady: So be strong


Ensemble: Here comes the bride


Arthur and Lady: Keep right on.


Ensemble: Here comes the groom


Arthur and Lady: To the end of your song


Ensemble: Hallelujah


Lady: Do not fail

Find your Male


Arthur: Dressed in ‘mail’

Find your Grail


Ensemble: Sing Hallelujah they’ve found their grail.


Arthur: Life is really up to you,

You must choose what to pursue


Ensemble: A Broadway wedding (UK Version: A happy ending!)


Lady: Set your mind on what to find

And there’s nothing you can’t do


All: Go and find your grail


Arthur and Lady: So keep right to the end

You’ll find your goal my friend


Ensemble: Find a friend!


All: Then the prize you won’t fail

Find your Grail

Find your Grail!


Herbert's father comes on and starts trying to stop the singing.

Herbert’s Father: (shouting) Stop that. Stop it. Stop it! No more bloody singing…


Lancelot whacks him on the head


Ensemble: For this is our Show 

That ends like 

(really big finish) thi- is!




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