His Name Is Lancelot


Herbert: Lancelot you might as well just fess up

Really you're a different kind of guy

Move aside your scabbard

For underneath your tabard

There is waiting to escape a butterfly


Rips off Lancelot's tabard to reveal a tight, rather revealing little number on underneath


Male Chorus: His...name...is Lancelot

And in tight pants a lot

He likes to dance a lot

You know you do


Lancelot: (confused) I do?


Male Chorus: So just say thanks a lot

And try romance, it's hot!

Let's find out who's really you.


His name is Lancelot

He visits France a lot

He likes to dance a lot and dream

No one would ever know

That this outrageous pro

Bats for the other team.


Herbert:You're a knight who really likes his nightlife

And by day you really like to play

You can all find him pumping at the gym

At the Camelot Y.M.C.A.!


Chorus: His name is Lancelot (La, la, la)

Just watch him dance a lot (La, la, la)

He doesn't care what people say (La, la, la)


Lancelot: (more confident) No Way!


Chorus: For when he starts to dance (La, la, la)

Just grab your underpants (La, la, la)


Herbert: He can finally come out and say that he is G.A.


All: Y.M.C.A.


All: He's Gay!


Lancelot: (proudly) Ok!




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