Soggy Old Blondes

From the CD free with certain Spamalot programmes.    



King Arthur: Riding one day by a body of beautiful water 

I saw a strangle and wonderful, magical thing 

And out from the lake with a sword in her hand came the lady 

A beautiful lady that told me that I'm your king 



She's got what I wanted 


She's got what I need 


This lady's enchanted 

Lady of the lake, all covered in weeds 


Dennis: Soggy old blondes with their backsides in ponds is no mandate 

You can't be the king through some moistened old thing in a pool 

You don't get the word from some half-naked bird in a pond, mate 

Executive power from girls in a shower, you're a fool! 



That's not what we wanted 


That's not what we choose 


She may be enchanted 

But ladies in ponds just wearing frongs, we refuse 


Lady Of The Lake: Come with me now young man, and you won't regret it 

Why don't you come and join me here in my lake? 

I'll make you a knight like you won't never forget it 

You'll see what a difference a fabulous lady can make 


All: Oooooooooooooooooh 

She's got what she wanted 

Ooooooooooooooooh She's got what you need 


This lady's enchanted Go with her into the reeds 



Music by: Eric Idle & John Du Prez 

Lyrics: Eric Idle 

Sung by: Eric Idle 






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