The Song That Goes Like This


Galahad: Once in every show

There comes a song like this

It starts off soft and low

And ends up with a kiss.

Oh where is the song

That goes like this?


(spoken) Where is it? Where? Where?


Lady of the Lake: A sentimental song

That casts a magic spell.

They all will hum along 

We'll overact like hell.

For this is our song that goes like this


Galahad: (spoken) Yes it is


Lady: (spoken) Yes it is


Galahad: (spoken) Yes it is!


Lady: (spoken) Yes it is!


Galahad: Now we can go straight

Right down the middle eight

A bridge that is too far for me


Lady: I'll sing it in your face

While we both embrace


Both: And then

We change

The key-y


Galahad: (in high falsetto) Now we're into E!

(back to normal key) *cough* That's awfully high for me

Lady: But as everyone can see

We should have stayed in D

Both: For this is our song that goes like this!


Galahad: I'm feeling very proud

Lady: You're singing far too loud

Galahad: That's the way that this song goes

Lady: You're standing on my toes

Both: Singing our song that goes like this!


Lady: I can't believe there's more

Galahad: It's far too long, I'm sure.

Lady: That's the trouble with this song

It goes on and on and on.

Both: For this is our song that is too long!


They strike poses as if the song is ending, but it instead enters the next musical bridge. They swear.


Lady: We'll be singing this 'til dawn

Galahad: (threatening the orchestra's conductor) You'll wish that you weren't born.

Lady: Let's stop this damn refrain

Both: Before we go insane

For our song always ends like thiiiiiiiiiiiis! 




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