Interview studio; interviewer in the middle. There is a Catholic monsignor in full clerical garb with skull-cap, and opposite him a tweed-suite, old Don figure.Wrestling epilogue
Host (J.C.): Good evening, and welcome once again to the Epilogue. On the program this evening we have Monsignor Edward Gay, visiting Pastoral Emissary of the Somerset Theological College and author of a number of books about belief, the most recent of which is the best seller 'My God'. And opposite him we have Dr Tom Jack: humanist, broadcaster, lecturer and author of the book 'Hello Sailor'. Tonight, instead of discussing the existence or non-existence of God, they have decided to fight for it. The existence, or non-existence, to be determined by two falls, two submissions, or a knockout. All right boys, let's get to it. Your master of ceremonies for this evening - Mr. Arthur Waring.
The participants move into a wrestling ring.

M.C. (E.I): Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a three-round contest of the Epilogue. Introducing on my right in the blue corner, appearing for Jehovah - the ever popular Monsignor Eddie Gay. (there are boos from the crowd) And on my left in the red corner - author of the books 'The Problems of Kierkegaard' and 'Hello Sailor' and visiting Professor of Modern Theological Philosophy at the University of East Anglia - from Wigan - Dr Tom Jack! (cheers; gong goes for the start)
They are real wrestlers. They throw each other about.Carnivorous pram
Host: (commentating) Now Dr Jack's got a flying mare there. A flying mare there, and this is going to be a full body slam. A full body slam, and he's laying it in there, and he's standing back. Well .. there we are leaving the Epilogue for the moment, we'll be bringing you the result of this discussion later on in the program.
He spots something

Host: Oh my God! (pulls out a revolver and shoots something off-screen)
Animation: We see a cowboy just having been shot. This leads into cartoon film, which include a carnivorous pram and music from Rodin's statue 'The Kiss'



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