Quiz show set-up. Two contestants either side, compère in the middle. On the back wall in large letters it says 'It's a Living'. Music plays brightly. Track quickly into compère, losing contestants, as he starts his quick spiel.


Caption: 'IT'S A LIVING'


Compère: (E.I.) Hello, good evening, and welcome to 'It's A Living'. The rules are very simple: each week we get a large fee; at the end of that week we get another large fee; if there's been no interruption at the end of the year we get a repeat fee which can be added on for tax purposes to the previous year or the following year if there's no new series. Every contestant, in addition to getting a large fee is entitled to three drinks at the BBC or if the show is over, seven drinks - unless he is an MP, in which case he can have seven drinks before the show, or a bishop only three drinks in toto. The winners will receive an additional fee, a prize which they can flog back and a special fee for a guest appearance on 'Late Night Line Up'. Well, those are the rules, that's the game, we'll be back again same time next week. Till then. Bye-bye.


Cut to BBC world symbol.


Voice Over: (M.P.) Well, it’s five past nine and nearly time for six past nine. On BBC 2 now it'll shortly be six and a half minutes past nine. Later on this evening it'll be ten o'clock and at 10.30 we'll be joining BBC 2 in time for 10.33, and don't forget tomorrow when it'll be 9.20. Those of you who missed 8.45 on Friday will be able to see it again this Friday at a quarter to nine. Now here is a time check. It's six and a half minutes to the big green thing.


Second Voice Over: (T.J.) You're a loony.


Voice Over: I get so bored. I get so bloody bored.


Animation for a minute or two. Strange things happen until suddenly we find ourselves into the animated title sequence.




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