When Does A Dream Begin?
(Music comes in underneath: 'When Does a Dream Begin'. Mix to a young airman (Neil Innes) on an airfield gazing into a WAAF's eyes. Black and white, soft focus and scratched film to look like a not very good print of a 40's film. Airman sings. WAAF looks less than pleased.)
   When Does A Dream Begin   
When does a dream begin?
Does it start with a goodnight kiss?
Is it conceived or simply achieved
When does a dream begin?
Is it born in a moment of bliss?
Or is it begun when two hearts are one
When does a dream exist?
The vision of you appears somehow
Impossible to resist
But I'm not imagining seeing you
For who could have dreamed of this?
When does a dream begin?
When reality is dismissed?
Or does it commence when we lose all pretence
When does a dream begin?

Music and lyrics by: Neil Innes





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