The Series and Recordings
Albrecht Durer Song
All Things Dull & Ugly
Answering Machine Song
Anything Goes (Not the Cole Porter song)
The Background To History
Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong
Bruces' Philosophers Song
Decomposing Composers
Dennis Moore
Do Wot John
Eric The Half A Bee
Henry Kissenger
Here Comes Another One
Holzfällerlied (the German version of the Lumberjack Song) 

From Monty Pythons Fliegender Zirkus
I Bet You They Won't Play This Song On The Radio

I've Got Two Legs

I Like Chinese [Chords]
I'm So Worried
I Like Traffic Lights
Inspector Dim of the Yard
Jelusarem (the Chinese version)
King Otto's Song (a.k.a. Ya Di Buckety)
Lumberjack Song
Medical Love Song
Money Song
Muddy Knees
Oliver Cromwell (also from "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again")
Sgt. Duckie's Song
Sit On My Face
When Does A Dream Begin?
Yangtse Song
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Knights of Camelot Song
Brave Sir Robin
Bravely Robin Ran Away
Brave Sir Robin (part 3)
He's Going To Tell
The Life of Brian
The Brian Song
Judean Peoples' Front Song
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life [Chords]
The Crimson Permanent Assurance
The Accountancy Shanty


The Meaning of Life
The Meaning of Life
Every Sperm is Sacred
O Lord Please Don't Burn Us
Galaxy Song
Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)
It's Christmas in Heaven [Chords]


The Meaning of Life poem (from "Eric Idle Sings Monty Python")
Port Shoems (by Speverend Rooner)


Eric Idle Sings Monty Python
One Foot In The Grave (the full song, but not the one from the TV series)

Men Men Men!

Shopping Song


Ferret Song (from "At Last The 1948 Show")
Rhubarb Tart Song (from "At Last The 1948 Show")


Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Never Be Rude To An Arab

I'm The Urban Spaceman [Chords]
Idiot Song (can also be heard in Live at Drury Lane)

Live at City Centre
The Protest Song (Also seen in "Rutland Weekend Television")
Short Blues

 Monty Python: Almost The Truth


So you think you know Python (from "Monty Python: Almost The Truth - the Lawyer's Cut")


So You Think You Know Python (the BBC version)


Historian's Introduction to Act One
Fish Schlapping Dance
Monk's Chant 
Arthur's Introduction
I Am Not Dead Yet

Come With Me
Laker Girls Cheer
The Song That Goes Like This
He Is Not Dead Yet (Play Off)
All For One
Knights of the Round Table
Find Your Grail
Run Away
Historian's Introduction to Act 2
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Brave Sir Robin

You Won't Succeed (US/ Album version)
Diva's Lament (Whatever Happened to My Part?)
Where Are You
His Name is Lancelot
I'm All Alone
Twice In Every Show
The Holy Grail's Been Found
Act Two Finale
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (Company Bow)

Soggy Old Blondes (special release on CD in various Spamalot programmes)


The Galaxy Song - Updated

(from 2014 "One Down, Five To Go" live show)


The Galaxy Song - Biology version

(from BBC's "Wonders of Life")


The Infinite Monkey Cage theme tune

(written for BBC Radio 4's science and comedy show  

"The Infinite Monkey Cage")


Always Look On The Bright Side of Life - London Olympics version 

(from the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics)

One Foot in the Grave (different lyrics - the actual ones from the BBC programme "One Foot In The Grave")
The Honda Song (from BBC's "One Foot In The Grave")
Stoop Solo (from "Rutland Weekend Television")
Pirate Song (from "Rutland Weekend Television")
Only A Dream Away (end theme from "Time Bandits")
The FCC Song (pub. PythOnline, May 2005)
WARNING! Contains strong language


The FCC Song 2018 edition

WARNING! Contains strong language
The Gay Animal Song (from The Rutland Islands)
Killing for God
(from The Rutland Islands)


The Getty Song


The Little List Song (from the 1987 ENO production of The Mikado starring Eric Idle)


F*ck Christmas (from The Greedy Bastard Tour)
WARNING! Has lots and lots of strong language


That's Death (from the Discworld 2 game on Playstation)


The Higg's Boson Hornpipe (From Eric Idle's "The Entire Universe In One Hour")





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