So You Think You Know PythonMonty Python: Almost The Truth
(Theme music from "Monty Python: Almost The Truth)


So you think you know Python!

Well you don’t,

But you will if you keep watching this documentary

That is all about Python

At last the truth can be told

Now they’re all fucking old

But at least they’re not dead yet!

Well one is, and the others look dodgy

So this is the ultimate and final documentary of


(‘till the next one)



Theme music from Monty Python: Almost the Truth (BBC Lawyer's Cut)


The brand new documentary of Python,

It's a new documentary,

It's about Monty Python,

Unlike other Monty Python documentaries,

This is brand new!

It's a new documentary.

It's not complementary

But it's better than a hysterectomy.

It's Monty - PYTHON!!!


Music by: D. Howman and A. Jacquemin (original tune is from the "Brian Song" from Monty Python's The Life of Brian)

Sung by: Sonia Jones





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