The Infinite Monkey Cage

Theme tune written for BBC4's science show The Infinite Monkey Cage, starring comedian Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox
 Infinite Monkey Cage - Robin Ince, Brian Cox and Eric Idle

I find Quantum mechanics confusing today

Now science is all the rage

The Hadron Collider is banging away

Trying to guess our age


A particle here, a particle there

In this weird quantum world bits can be anywhere

Which might just explain why I'm losing her hair

In the Infinite Monkey Cage


T'other day I heard Mrs. Schroedinger say

I'm going to put out the cat

Mrs. Heiddinger said

"Ohh it might be quite dead,

I'm uncertain if you should do that"


Unless you've got that Robin Ince and Professor Cox

I'd leave that poor pussy alone in it's box

That cat may be as dead as a rat, you can wage

In the Infinite Monkey Cage

Scientists say all the world's just a stage

That physics is passing through

There may be an infinite number of mes

And an infinite number of you (God help us)


Over in CERN they are trying to learn

What can the dark matter be

Who gives a fig if the pig can do trig

In the Infinite Monkey Cage


This linear super positional thing

Is blowing my mind today

The multiverse seems to be made out of string

That's what the particle physicists say


If infinite monkeys type every day

They may accidentally write Hamlet the play

But they'll shit on it and throw it away

In the Infinite Monkey Cage

(Those naughty monkeys)

In the Infinite Monkey Cage

(Without your trousers)

In the Infinite Monkey Cage

Song written, produced and performed by Eric Idle and Jeff Lynne




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