Where Are You?


Herbert: Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you, my heart's desire?

My heart is true, but where are you?

Only you can quench the fire.


Where are you? Where are you…


Herbert's Father bursts in


Herbert's Father:  Stop it! Stop that! Stop all that singing!


Threatens orchestra. They stop playing raggedly


Later, when Lancelot has burst in to "rescue" Herbert...


Herbert: (spoken) I knew someone would come.

I knew that somewhere out there, there must be...



Here are you! Here are you!

Here are you, Sir Lancelot!


Herbert's Father bursts in again and again threatens the orchestra.


Herbert's Father: Stop that! Stop it! Stop it! Who are you?


Herbert: (spoken) I'm your son.


Herbert's Father: (spoken) Not you!




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