The FCC Song (2018 edition)
Pub. 7th May 2017

Fuck you very much the FCC
For kindly ending net neurality
The country's in the toilet now that Putin took a dump
All over your democracy and left you all with Trump

So a bunch of greedy bastards can steal everything they see.

Fuck you very much the FCC.
And fuck you very much the EPA
For not keeping global warming threats away
Scott Pruitt will not do it

As he's on the phone all day
Taking secret calls from big polluters keen to pay.
And then he flies off round the world he's ruining every day
So fuck you Scott so very much.
So fuck you very much dear Mr. Trump
For working hard to try and drain the swamp
You'll get the Nobel Pee Prize which'd certainly please
The Russians for your brilliant work on international pees
The outlook may be Stormy so smile while lying please 
So fuck you all so very much

Don't tough Melania

So fuck you oh so very much
Music and lyrics: Eric Idle




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